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Online Member Benefits

  • Enjoy member discount up to 10% for selected products.
  • Earn 1 reward point for every personal purchases of RM 128.
  • Receive referral bonus points when you invite your friends and family members to shop with us online.
  • Exchange products and vouchers with personal points and referral bonus points.

Online Referral Programme

Double Points, Double Rewards, Double the Fun!

Reward Points

  • Members earn 1 reward point for every RM 128 personal purchase.
  • Members may collect and accumulate unlimited reward points which will never expire.
  • All reward points are non-transferable.
  • Members may redeem exclusive gift items from our selection of gift redemption.
  • E.g. RM 256 = 2 reward points, and so on. No referrals needed.

Share with your friends & gain more rewards!

Referral Bonus Points

  • A member may refer or introduce his or her friends / relatives / family members to register as members via a unique referral link to Eco Bee Shop Online Store.
  • Members may share their referral link by posting on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, emails, etc. to get their own referral members.
  • Once the referred member registers and makes purchase via Eco Bee Shop Online Store, the introducing member will receive 10% as a referral bonus point from the total referral purchases.
  • Members may collect and accumulate unlimited referral bonus points which will never expire.
  • Members may redeem vouchers, exclusive gift items and products from our selection of gift redemption.
  • All referral bonus points are non-transferable.
  • E.g. Member A introduces Member B by sending him a referral link, Member B registers on Eco Bee Shop Online Store via Member A’s referral link, and makes a purchase of RM 256. Member A gets 25.6 referral bonus points.

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