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Eco Bee Shop (formerly known as The Bee Shop) was started from a humble beginning in 2002 by the founder Cathie Tan in Malaysia. We are the first bee farmer utilizes Mobile Bee Farming technique (Eco Bee Farm) in Malaysia, and currently owning more than 2,000 native bee hives to produce premium original quality bee products, such as Raw Honey, Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly.

Our bee products are collected from wild bushes in the world's oldest tropical rainforest in Malaysia, where wild bees live in their natural habitat. The pristine wilderness provides exceptionally rich nutrients and high healing properties. Only matured raw honey is harvested and unheated to retain the authentic flavor and taste. Eco Bee Shop's honey is an everyday refreshing energetic healthy drink that is suitable for everyone.

Since the establishment of our business operations, we have worked tirelessly throughout the years and put lots of efforts in promoting our brand and website. Our business have since grown by leaps and bounds! Thanks to internet technology and the e-commerce revolution that has helped us tremendously to where we are today.  

At our online store, we provide quality products at a very affordable price. We never compromise on the product quality and we strive to ensure utmost satisfaction from customers who bought from us.

We thank you for your support and promise to serve you better... with premium quality products and better deal!

Our Mission Statement

To provide honey bee nature's solution for a healthy life at a fair price.
To provide fair trade opportunity for people to enhance their life.
To SAVE the BEES and the environment.


Saving Bees From Deforestation And Protecting The Environment

Bees are responsible for pollinating more than 70% of the fruits and vegetables in the world. Without them, the world would be in the clutches of starvation. From flower to flower they fly to collect nectar, in which the honey is made from; pollen sticks to their hairy legs. This fine powdery substance normally discharged by the male part of the flower is carried to the next flower, where some will rub off. The flower will be fertilized, enabling the tree or flower to bear fruit.

The honey, bee pollen and royal jelly they produced are packed with nutrients and have been used for millennia by Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and now the modern world. However, deforestation and pesticide usage are actually killing the colonies. Loggers are known to burn off their habitat; hence our beekeeper offers the loggers rewards to keep them from burning the hives. Rescued bee colonies are then transported to an area filled with flower-adorned trees, so that they can settle down in the new environment.




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