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Bee Pollen 300g



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Bee Pollen is made from the bee's choice pollen - generally those contain the highest  amounts of protein and other nutrients and mixed with the bees' own secretions. Bee Pollen is praised by many nutritionists as "The Most Complete Food On Earth" and often regarded as "superfood". Its rich nutritional content supports body functioning, increases alertness, helps circulation system, improves skin and enhances energy and stamina.

Bee Pollen Benefits:

  • Enhances metabolism
  • Inhibits and kills tumor cells
  • Prevents anemia and cardiovascular disease
  • Protects and prevents liver's problem
  • Prevents constipation, regulates intestines
  • Anti-aging, treats chloasma, and spots
  • Promotes strength, vigor and vitality
  • Enhances sexual activity
  • Helps in physical development and prevents malnutrition


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